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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We are social media and retargeting experts.

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Social media marketing (SMM) has evolved into a powerful marketing vehicle. Consider what the average person shares with their social media—it is a truly staggering amount of information. As a social marketing company, we know how to harness this information for the benefit of our clients by utilizing the demographic and psychographic information to your maximum advantage.

Social media is stronger than PPC for building your brand awareness, because you can start to reach people who are not looking for you. You can insert images, copy and videos into your targets’ social media feeds. Social ads provide you the opportunity to get more graphic while adopting more of a storytelling approach. Telling a good story is a proven, effective way to sell your products and services.

SMM allows your brand to grow strong relationships and achieve valuable feedback. We use SMM to develop more credibility and trust in your brand. This means targeting different audiences in different ways by targeting the correct platform of social media to promote your brand.

If you are interested in running Facebook or other social ads, currently running ads, or have even written off social marketing as ineffective, we can help. Our team has executed successful campaigns with budgets as small as $5 per day to over $50,000 per day.

Retargeting uses cookies from your website visitors to track them after they leave your website. We attach a “tracking pixel” to their IP address allowing us to display ads to them for the next 28 days. For instance, your prospect starts surfing Facebook and sees an advertisement from you to remind them of your offerings. Then they may visit their favorite news site, and they see another reminder. Just about anywhere they go with available ad space, we can show them your ad.

We install your tracking pixel on your website to track your visitors, design the different ads for the different available platforms, work with you to set the frequency of impressions, and help you establish a reasonable budget. A prospect clicks on your ad and now is back on your website and is now more likely to be your customer.


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We will get you noticed online.

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We have a highly skilled, deeply tenured and creative team. No request is too big for us. We desire your success as much as you do.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We never use a cookie-cutter approach for your digital marketing campaign. Nothing we do is by default. Every industry and every client is different.



Our proposal will be 100% based on what you need and not what we think you can afford. We want you to be a customer for life.
  • = Search Engine Optimization =

    “Three weeks after I hired Todd, we went from NO placement to front page placement in the search engines and I landed a $90,000.00 sale. That same client spent over $500K with us the first year!”

    Jeff C.

  • = Website Design & Development =

    “If I were going to trust my company’s online presence with any developer it would be with Ty Walsworth. Ty knows how to strategically build and navigate customer-facing user experiences and his extensive background in branding, coupled with his UX skills is a tremendous plus.”

    Henry Harrison, CEO

  • = Social Media Marketing =

    “Online Edge is effective, flexible and caring. They want my business to succeed as much as I do.”

    Simon Raphael, Owner, TITLE Boxing Club Dallas & Arlington

  • = Search Engine Optimization =

    “Todd, please remove our phone number from our home page and our contact us page as we cannot physically answer all of the phone calls from inquiries.”

    Gib H.

  • = Website Design & Development =

    “Just wanted to say a big thank you for your work on our behalf. We can already see a big improvement in our ranking. You have proved your point and we look forward to a long working relationship with your company’”

    John E.

  • = Search Engine Optimization =

    “It’s been less than 30 days since you optimized my site and my traffic from Google is up 358%!”

    Robert S.

  • = Website Design & Development =

    “Ty is beyond incredible to work with. Great communication, and does what he says he’s going to do. Everything you want from someone you need to count on. I recommend him all the time.”

    Lee Shelton, Partner