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PPC Management

PPC Management

Gain 20-30% more clicks for the same budget.

Leverage our 100% successful track record optimizing Google PPC campaigns.

Paid search ads (Pay Per Click, or PPC) focus on your product or service features and benefits to an audience that is searching for a specific product or service. PPC may have a place in your advertising portfolio because the people who see your ads are actively looking for a solution to a problem, and hence are ready—or close to being ready—to make a purchase. PPC is ideal for new businesses, businesses that needs immediate results, or those that that want to leverage the power of having multiple listings on the front page with concurrent organic listings.

Whether your PPC campaign is already up and running or you need to create one, the experts at Make Me Relevant can assist you. We have a 100% successful track record in optimizing Google PPC campaigns. Typically, our clients see 20-30% more clicks for their same budget, or, clients can save 20-30% in cost and get the same number of clicks to their site.

We are strong proponents of organic placement but depending on several factors like education level of your client base and gender, PPC can be a successful endeavor. College graduates and those with Masters degrees are less likely to click on the ads; women are even less likely to click on the ads. If you just look at the averages, 20% of Google visitors will click one of the four ads up at the top of the page or one of the 3 ads at the bottom—if all seven of the ads are present.

It’s been said that as many as 80% of Google PPC campaigns don’t see a return on investment for the company running the ads. This is due to someone not knowing how to properly set up the campaign. A campaign that has been properly setup will provide a return on investment. That said, our track record shows there is something to be said for being all over the page as a result of concurrent PPC and SEO campaigns!


Our fees to establish and manage a Google PPC campaign are $1.00 per keyword to establish an optimized campaign, and 20%
of the approved monthly adspend ongoing. Our results will cover your monthly fee so basically, you get our service for free!

Why Choose Make Me Relevant?

We will get you noticed online.

Customer Commitment

We have a highly skilled, deeply tenured and creative team. No request is too big for us. We desire your success as much as you do.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We never use a cookie-cutter approach for your digital marketing campaign. Nothing we do is by default. Every industry and every client is different.



Our proposal will be 100% based on what you need and not what we think you can afford. We want you to be a customer for life.
  • = Search Engine Optimization =

    “Three weeks after I hired Todd, we went from NO placement to front page placement in the search engines and I landed a $90,000.00 sale. That same client spent over $500K with us the first year!”

    Jeff C.

  • = Website Design & Development =

    “If I were going to trust my company’s online presence with any developer it would be with Ty Walsworth. Ty knows how to strategically build and navigate customer-facing user experiences and his extensive background in branding, coupled with his UX skills is a tremendous plus.”

    Henry Harrison, CEO

  • = Social Media Marketing =

    “Online Edge is effective, flexible and caring. They want my business to succeed as much as I do.”

    Simon Raphael, Owner, TITLE Boxing Club Dallas & Arlington

  • = Search Engine Optimization =

    “Todd, please remove our phone number from our home page and our contact us page as we cannot physically answer all of the phone calls from inquiries.”

    Gib H.

  • = Website Design & Development =

    “Just wanted to say a big thank you for your work on our behalf. We can already see a big improvement in our ranking. You have proved your point and we look forward to a long working relationship with your company’”

    John E.

  • = Search Engine Optimization =

    “It’s been less than 30 days since you optimized my site and my traffic from Google is up 358%!”

    Robert S.

  • = Website Design & Development =

    “Ty is beyond incredible to work with. Great communication, and does what he says he’s going to do. Everything you want from someone you need to count on. I recommend him all the time.”

    Lee Shelton, Partner